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or two. yum brands and ibm. ibm probably gets close to 65% of their revenue outside the u.s. how do you make the distinction, i guess? >> it's going to be impossible with these megacap companies like walmart, yum or apple to make that distinction. but what you want to do is you want to be as a dollar invested investor here in the united states, you don't want to be exposed to currency fluctuation. so in 2013 you may have the dollar rally, the euro be dragged down. at this point i would say be more exposed to the u.s. than perhaps overseas. >> you want to get defensive and pretty much -- pretty severely, right? consumer staples? things like that? >> right. what you're going to have happening here is expectations, s&p earnings are going to come down. around $115 a share. we're expecting $105. revenue growth, nonexistent for the last three quarters. this quarter the reason why the market has collapsed over the last month and a half is due to the fact that revenues haven't moved. that's what one should expect going into 2013. more of the same. so you want to get a little bit more defensive.
to ibm, nearly a quarter of all people using their mobile phones this morning were using them to shop. >> i use my phone usually to search for best deals, so i'll scan it, and if i can find it cheaper somewhere else, i will do so. >> reporter: among the deals, laptops, televisions, computers and amazon. i'm diana alvear, in phoenix, where they expect to receive more orders today than any other day this holiday season. by the time cyber monday ends, more than half a million items will ship out of this facility alone. cnbc's brian shactman is at land's end >> reporter: at land's end in wisconsin, cyber monday is an absolute monster, during one hour this morning, the websites had 24,000 orders, that is a record. this facility will ship about 160,000 packages today, more than 180,000 tomorrow. with 33 days between now and christmas, including an extra weekend to shop, retailers will have to work hard to keep shoppers excited >> they are not as urgent, the consumer, but there is a lot more opportunity for the retailers to score sales. >> reporter: ibm says on-line sales are up 27% compared
shift that is part of intel. you go for ibm, which is one of the old plays in technology. why are they poised to take advantage of this major tectonic shift? >> don't forget that ibm as recently as five or six months ago made a big play in selling corporate bonds. a two year note at a very low interest rate. 1%. they are taking these billion dollars to take advantage of this. that is why i like them. they are a major conglomerate. i think the business model is actually pretty solid. i also believe that they derive their income from all over the world. which is a little safer vintage. that is why i like ibm. they do pay pretty attractive dividends and i think that puts a little bit more on it. at this price point, i actually like it a lot speech you buy the best when they are depressed. we love out here. liz: when companies make deals, you could make big money. the stock prices of acquiring companies rise more than 6% in just five days following the deal. do you want to be an early? we are breaking down how to do that in key areas. >> a very important segment. and both sides of
two stocks in the same sector, hewlitt packard and ibm. both companies decided to de-emphasize hardware and move more aggressively toward big data management, software, and consulting. five years ago, ibm was at $111. now it's at $194, 75% gain. five years ago, it was at $49. now it's at $14. the political determinist out there would say that business will do better under romney. i'd say that business did better under the former ibm than the various ceos at hewlitt packard. don't like that tech comparison? perhaps you think it's slan atlantaed. how about apple and microsoft, which really are the twin axis of tech. can they blame obama for their lethargy? intel flowing from 25 to 22. should obama take credit for apple's huge run? by the same token, the romney surge began when apple was in the 700s. does that mean romney is gunning for apple? seems pretty stupid if you ask me. this is about management, raw brain power and product differentiation, not politics. somehow, maybe someone can conclude that obama's been terrible for yahoo!. it dropped from 27 to 17. google is
of california. i think. ok. in ibm research, one of the things we talk about is our laboratories. i have been all over the world, live in different countries. i am a relatively recent transplant to california. i would like to let the governor know that i am happy to be here. it is a good space. recently, governor brown has spent a lot of time, focus, and effort making california a better place. focus on eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, decreasing the budget deficit, and real focus that we appreciate in northern california on clean energy. for example, moving the state's goal to be 33% clean energy producing. it is my privilege to welcome governor brown to the panel. [applause] >> and to introduce our next panelist, i would like to welcome steve ballmer, senior bp -- vp. >> good morning and thank you. next up is governor hickel lipper -- hickenlooper. he is the serieaal a entreprener each of you have in your respective parts. he became very successful in the brew pub business. he never had a single election not even for stink -- a student council. governor? [applause] in keeping with
include women from ibm, the u.s. army and and many government agencies as well. dinner music, dancing and auctions. and all of the proceeds will go to support the march of dimes. wonderful event. we'll be right back. and a f >> we've all earned a nice weekend. >> mild with temperatures in the 60's. a good weekend. tomorrow the christmas bazaar. st. elizabeth's church. it is so good. >> meanwhile, sunday and on into the holiday that we celebrate for our veterans and certainly thank everybody for their service to this country into monday with temperatures in the 70's. a new blog on sandy and the amount of rain that sandy produced and the amount and the power. it would be enough power to light 100 wat light bulb for several billion years. so read about it. and i've got some other interesting things in there. and check my math. have a good one. >> the equivalent of one of my christmas trees. >> good
republic, gap, nike. you name it, they have at that is why people came from a long way to get here. >> ibm from modesto. i think it is great for the area ibm-from modesto. >> despite the rainfall, these people from modesto were even waiting in the rainfall. >> a great pier of joe's jeans for 30 docks. they're normally dollars and 190430 box -- they are normally $190 put out today, there were $30 part of a great pair of shows the genes. and i not able to see everything today, i was able to possibly come to more after work. to a $2 million is estimated in tax revenue. adjusting w >> hockey could be returning with collective bargaining, later [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, tha
will be a drain on the taxpayer and walk on torturing dollars deficit. ibm back ibm back thank you. i would like to know to which degree to think as the united nation but for the 21st century to political power in the hands of the green lobby. >> well, the u.n. has been very encouraging of the green lobby and the screen job issue is not an issue here in the united state. it is an issue also in europe being encouraged by the u.n., encouraged by the meeting over the summer. but europe is also finding green job aren't all they thought they would be. spain has stopped subsidies for solar power under that doesn't work in sunny spain it's not going to work anywhere. germany has also stopped at subsidies which is more understandable because there's a lot of clubs in germany, even though the economy isn't cloudy at all. the u.n. has had a strong influence on this. >> yes, sir. >> chuck bradford. you are probably not old enough to remember, the jimmy carter gave lots of money, billions of dollars to alternate energy projects. >> i do remember. >> too many of those plants still exist is the question? i do
for holiday sales. ibm says sales of 30% over last year, sales up on black friday, too. ibm analyzed transactions from 500 u.s. retailers. smaller version of theck&1 new slimmed down imac commuters will go on sale for $1300. wilt not be available until next no. >> a follow up on a story last night. a mother coming to the dpeens of four police officer who's orderered her son to do push ups for an act of vandalism. the young man was one of five ordered to drop to do push ups after seen smashing a mailbox. officials protested and police chief ordered an investigation.%vmo saying officers overstepped authorities. the officers face suspension. but the mother says the officers taught her son a lesson, she does not think they should be suspended. >> and just ahead going to war over military roles in combat. >> it's bad forearmed forces for our service members and needs to be changed. >> new legal challenge. why some say changing this would be a mistake. >> comments on a deadly attack in libya. republicans say they're more troubled an ever. >> meet the scientist who answers e mails about the
. that is another blue stock. why, ibm at this point. >> ibm was a first mover in terms of shifting from hardware to services and software. with the acquisition a number of years ago, and then the rollup of many software companies, 80% of revenues are in that area. this is a well managed company that is on target. in fact, ahead of target. at that level, it is attractively priced today. this pullback, we think, too, is a good opportunity. liz: you are the second person this week to pick qualcomm. everyone is going into smart phones. mobile, mobile, mobile. >> behind the scenes there is qualcomm. they are in all the smart phones. they are in all the tablets. this is a company that is growing. liz: having trouble breaking out of the trading range. >> i wish they would give a little bit that apple or google has. in the meantime, you can pick up a bargain. we will put his stocks picks on the facebook / live claimant page. happy holidays. closing bell ringing in six minutes. shares of one company falling off the shelf after it reported a mixed bag for the second quarter results. stay tuned. you may ow
this weekend. consumers expected to spend $2 billion online today. >> holy moly, as you would say. ibm's julie breaks down how many sales are being swiped on mobile devices in a moment. let's start with courtney reagan who has some of the craziest cyber monday deals being offered. >> thanks, bill. don't tell anyone i've been shopping online but we had to do this to search the blogs and commentary. we got guidance from google's top search. tablets are trending. google says kindle fire and ipad mini are in the top ten shopping related queries today. amazon local is offering the kindle fire for $129 when you add "fire ship." walmart is offering the xbox 360 bundle and sky lander for 150. national retail federation says eight in ten consumers are taking advantage of the promotional pricing this weekend to buy nongift items. on this dotcomer's day sears is offering a whirlpool high efficiency top-load washer for $4 $499.99. that's a saving of 250 bucks. history continues to be made hour by hour here. ibm has been tracking online retail sales activity. the growth has moved high hour. 10 a.m., up 17%
, it is not a gang. you can move up in their ranks as if you are working for apple or ibm. you can move from a regular employee to ceo. in the black community, it is not like this. it is not structured like that. there is no one at sagging or telling you how to operate. there is a term in the black community called a one-man army. it is someone who acts alone. he did not bring anybody with them, he is called a one-man army. he does not have to report to anybody. none of that. i do not know if that is worse than a hierarchy. at the end of the day, i mean, it is not a gang. it is a community. i know that i am not going to get the word again abolished from the media, but i want to clarify. as long as you keep putting a label on it, it will have a negative connotation towards these kids. particularly in the black community. [applause] >> we're going to go to some of your questions. the first one is from georgia. what happened to bobby? was he prosecuted for the drive- by shooting? >> when i tell the story, i had asked this. before i answer the question, i want to thank all of the panelists. that
behind. new hampshire, ohio, paul ryan. >> when ibm president is going to be clear that we have and the administration with the government and the president and actually likes job creators. they want to help job creators. when -- i am president. >> when we can convince everybody to go to the polls to vote and we concurred look back on that day that our country is on the right track. this is a defining moment when we can do it. >> president obama was also in ohio. >> ohio, we know our ideas. we know they work. we also know that the ideas the other guys do not work. as we have tried those two. >> joe biden talked about the gop ticket at a campaign in colorado. >> by the way, i do not want to talk about that to the other guys they are decent guys, good fathers and they have a fundamentally different view of america. and a fundamentally different values set. >> florida value boaters'- lined up for the last early motive years-pour the election challenges of superstore sandy. storm sandy florida voters lined up. >> we can certainly see that arizona, north carolina are going towards mi
the ceos of ge, honeywell, walmart, ibm and more will be there. the president then meets with congressional leaders friday to address the cliff. "i intend to work with both parties. i said over and over again on the campaign trail, we can't cut our way to recovery, we have to ask the wealthiest americans to pay more." "instead of raising tax rates on the american people and accepting the damage it will do to our economy, let's start to actually solve the problem. "let's focus on tax reform that closes special interest loopholes and lowers tax rates." without an agreement between lawmakers, $600 billion in automatic spending cuts plus tax hikes affecting all americans are set to trigger at the end of the year. greece remains a country on the brink. sunday greek leaders approved a 2013 budget that includes deep spending cuts to pensions and wages, even as protesters took to the streets. now greek leaders are still awaiting word from eurozone finance ministers on whether it will recieve a $40 billion bailout loan. greece needs the money by friday. gas rationing is set to end in new jersey tod
executives from dell, intel, ibm and more warned congress and the president failing to take action is "unacceptable." today he meets with the ceos of ge, walmart and other corporations. david siegel, the ceo who told his employees that some of them would face layoffs if president obama was re-elected, instead handed out 5% raises. his company, westgate resorts, enjoyed record profits this year and he says he wanted to share the wealth. not exactly upbeat about t t t ture, siegel says his employees will need those raises to deal with the impending higer costs he believes everyone will have to dure under an obama administration. a tasty piece of americana may be in jeopardy. hostess brands, the maker of wonder bread, twinkies and ding dongs, is warning that it may be forced to liquidate if union employees continue with a crippling strike. hostess has already announced the permanent closing of three bakeries as a result of the nationwide strike by 30% of its workforce that started last week. workers are protesting wage and pension cuts. the world's largest operator of bowling alleys s
. >> there are some real deals on line and thanksgiving day shoppers setting record for e tail this according to ibm. on line sales up 20 percent over last thanksgiving and visits to retail web sites are breaking records. consumer looking at almost 7 and half million pages per minute and a lot is just carolyn. smart phones and tablet are used but over 10% of traffic to the retail site coming from i-phone aloans. >> larry. all right san francisco is the testing ground for a new same day delivery service from the u.s. postal service called metro post. post office is working out agreements with 10 national retail chains within the city. the service begins december 12 and if things go well program expands to other big city next year. >> today was a beautiful day. beautiful thanksgiving. >> unusually warm. check in now with experience. >> we are not complaining. >> not at all. >> here's a lack at live doppler 7 hd. we have a cloud free sky just weighs did for most of the day today. very mild thanksgiving day with temperatures in the upper 60's around most of the bay i can't remember. right now c
and thanksgiving day shoppers setting record for e tail this according to ibm. on line sales up 20 percent over last thanksgiving and visits to retail web sites are breaking records. consumer looking at almost 7 and half million pages per minute and a lot is just carolyn. smart phones and tablet are used but over 10% of traffic to the retail site coming from i-phone aloans. >> larry. all right san francisco is the testing ground for a new same day delivery service from the u.s. postal service called metro post. post office is working out agreements with 10 national retail chains within the city. the service begins december 12 and if things go well program expands to other big city next year. >> today was a beautiful day. beautiful thanksgiving. >> unusually warm. check in now with experience. >> we are not complaining. >> not at all. >> here's a lack at live doppler 7 hd. we have a cloud free sky just weighs did for most of the day today. very mild thanksgiving day with temperatures in the upper 60's around most of the bay i can't remember. right now cooling down a bit but still very pl
a degree and walking into ibm and getting a pension and that's over and that's, sorry, but for people that started businesses, which is how america started it's the best it's ever been, and you can't be totally sad about it. >> tough times, but we think before. americans come through this, can't they? >> it's never been easy, you know? and i don't quite understand this younger generation from one perspective. you know, 40 years ago over 60% of high school stunts worked in the summer. today it's 40%. where is the hardship? you know, look, if you look-- >> if you look, that's not the ca case. >> for the summer? >> ten years ago, look, let's get this microeconomically, gary b i believe your daughter is going to be fine because she's going to work hard and education, and that's what it takes, and make it happen for yourself. >> i was going to-- quickly, jim, last word on this? >> well, things are different than they were, even 25 years ago, 30 years ago when he graduated from collegeou could pretty much get a job going out of college and things are difference and the administration hasn't
and apple could lead the pack. according to ibm's weekend tally, 88% of all black friday tablet shopping was done on an ipad. >>> still have vacation time to burn this year? you're not alone. a new survey found by the end of 2012, american workers will leave an average of 9.2 vacation days unused. that's three more than last year. >> in the wake of the financial crisis, hsbc's chairman has a bold idea to overhaul bankers' tarnished image. he's proposing financiers take an oath of integrity similar to the one sworn by doctors. >>> according to the so-called christmas price index, the cost of all items in the "12 days" chris carol, that will set you back $107,000, 6% more than in 2011. >>> straight ahead, an oregon man is very lucky to be alive after this accident. >>> plus, a busy day for the national football league. your sports highlights are straight ahead. you're watching "early today." >>> stories making news across america. we'll begin with a new orleans fire that torched an entire city block, leaving five families homeless. 100 firefighters battled the raging six-alarm inferno for
consumer goesing to purr kas because of low prices but they've got a lot of time to return the gift. >> ibm bench mark estimates sales are up almost 26% compared to last year, 11% being done on mobile device autos it's losing it's significance a bit. people are aren't tried to -- tied to computers anymore, they can shop anywhere they want. they're doing that. >> there is a small group who won't shop online. >> are you shopping online? >> no. all local. >> what are the most popular things to buy online? jewelry banks number two. and guess what? apparel is number one. >> thank you. the day isn't over, you have a wile to get in on cyber monday. we've compiled a bunch of information. just click cyber monday resources and it will get you here to this site. it gives coupons to use. >> today marks third cyber monday law enforcement agents have cracked down on web sites selling counterfeit goods. 132 sites were seized today for violating copy right infringement laws. >> it's not all fun and games in jumpy houses, coming up, what can be done to keep children safe. >> explaining why christmas trees c
. online sales jump more than 20% o on monday. . >> jill, a retail aj list with ibm which monitors 500 retailers says shopping was heavy throughout thanksgiving day. . >> people were buying during the traditional thanksgiving dinner time. >> that's right. i'm saying the iphone is now the new utensil and if you think thanksgiving should be sacred remember that in 1941, the holiday was pushed up a week after the head of stores appealed to the president to move thanksgiving to extend the holiday shopping season. . >> and get ready for the new est addition to the kay of the week holiday event. tomorrow is the the first ever giving tuesday. it's an idea that started in new york to help people -- motivate people to help nono profits in their community. for example, stone ridge will encourage people to donate to nonprofits like the american red cross. >> checking some bay area led ion -- headlines. the sheriff has pleaded not guilty to crimes. -- he is free on bail and suspended without pay. >> the 15 year old suspect in a deadly crime spree could be charged as an adult. the teenager is
it was shopping day this year. >> it started early. a retail analyst with ibm that monitors 500 online retailers says shopping was heavy throughout thanks giving day especially with i phones and i pads. >> people were driving during thanksgiving dinner time. >> i'm saying the i phone is now the new utensil. does it go on the right or the left of the fork, i don't know. >> anthony mason, cbs news new york. >> he makes six figures an episode but one tv star is on a tirade. >> please stop filling your head with filth. >> the life changing move that caused him to bash his own show. >> they're going have to pry me out of here. >> imagine your boss paying to clean your house. the unbelievable perk some bay area companies are offering to keep good employees happy. >>> some of the best child athletes in the country. the bay area kids that now have a chance at the ultimate prize. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, p train. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [train whistle blows] wishing you happy holidays. think it would be pretty hao come up with . >> if you earned $300,000 for television episode, you'd think it'd be pretty hard to come u
a million shares of i.b.m. or whatever it is and all these algorithms are out there sniffing around for these big orders. >> stephen: are they self-aware? is this "the matrix"? (laughter) are you keanu reeves? do you know kung fu? >> i wish i did. >> stephen: well, thank you for joining me. christopher steiner. the book is "automate this." we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome black, everybody! my guest tonight is a pulitzer prize play wright. tony kushner. (cheers and applause) nice to see you again, thanks for coming on. all right everybody knows you. turn author of "the playwright of angels in america." you also wrote the screenplay to "munich" with stephen spielberg now you are the screen writeer for the knew movie "lincoln." (cheers and applause) were you daunted at all approaching a figure this iconic? someone so huge in our minds? someone we all think of as old. old uncle penny face? (laughter) >> never occurred to me to think of him as olds uncle penny face. it was scary. i didn't want to do it original because i didn't know tha
service. there's a clear difference between my opponent and myself tonight; 34 years at the ibm corporation with a reputation of working across the aisle while serving the utah state senate. thank you very much, and thank you for having us today. >> moderator: senator hatch. hatch: well, i'm honored to be here with all of you today, and i want to thank kued and kbyu for putting on this debate, want to thank you, doctor. look, our country's at a real crossroads. we're in real problems. there's no question about it. and we know that there's too much spending, there's too much regulation. we're $16 trillion in debt, should president obama be reelected -- and i don't believe he will be -- we're going to head well over $20 billion -- $20 trillion in debt. the average debt per family is $140,000. we can no longer live with that. now, everybody knows that i've been a conservative the whole time i've been there. i have a 90% american conservatives union voting record, i've represented utah in all of the problems we have in utah from public lands to hill air force base to getting busines
was a big story that we will follow. take a look at dell. stock is up 5%. you got to hit them. ibm stock is up 1%. a good day for technology. really good day for the nation's retailers. these stocks flexing their muscles as black friday gets underway. many stores open last night. some 8:00 p.m. last night. green arrows, walmart look at -- 1% and also home depot, costco, those stocks moving higher and home depot hitting new highss. later we will talk black friday and the holiday shopping season with macy's ceo terry lundgren. quite a scene at macy's flagship store in new york. people rushing to the stores. the risk on trade is alive and well with energy and crude-oil futures higher by 1%. there is oil at $88.20. i wanted to show you how your markets are doing as a move to the last hour of trading. let's get to the floor show with traders standing by at the new york stock exchange and the nymex. jonathan cortines at the stock exchange, jonathan and friends. volume typically is light, half of the normal volume. how does that skew the numbers from what you are seeing? >> it is a short tradin
up at 5:45 we will sit down with an expert from ibm to talk more about his analysis of the holiday trend. >> nice weather for this friday and it is here to stay. lots of sunshine and temperatures in the warmest places. 60s and tomorrow. temperatures in the warmest place is into the 70's. a carbon copy for it this saturday. clear skies, mild temperatures as we go into the overnight with a patchy, ground fog developing in the north bay. it could be even the dense with the lowering visibility for the other areas sunshine. just a gorgeous saturday as we go towards sunday will note some changes. temperatures will cool a little bit with the additional cloudiness but really nice weather hanging on monday, tuesday. things will be changing on wednesday with a storm system that will bring rain fall. details, coming up. >> it is a shaky agreement between israel and hamas is holding up. it has been two days since the cease-fire with eight days of violence but many people do not believe that this is going to lead to lasting agreement more on this. (chanting), this is a far cry, days after the c
for cyber monday from ibm's digital benchmark show 2012 online sells are up nearly 26% from last year. 21 percent of shoppers are using mobile device to visit stores web site. and the iphone continues to drive more retail sales than any other device. reaching 8.3% ticket the time%4:52. we are follofollowing a lot story police standoff on treasure island both on and off texas are close.all are closed. >> we will be right back. welcome back. the time is 4:55. the star of a hit comedy show is slamming his own tv show he tells of fans not to watch chris brown is taking in all the breaks and twitter. >> here is your hollywood minute. the youngest start of to and a half man is calling the show fails and telling viewers not to watch it. angus jones. the actor talks about how he found religion on a website and why his staff does not jive with the hit show i am jake from to and as metwo and a half men. the represent a for to and a half minutes not commenting on the video pictures >> the center chris brown engaged in a back-and-forth battle of the tweeds with comedian jimmy johnson over the weeken
now with amazon web services and they are going in to the markets of companies like hp and ibm and microsoft, sap oracle, 60% to 80% margins and they are coming in with a 20% margin saying we're going to come in and use cloud technology, bring prices down for customers, reach much larger volumes and really almost break the business model of these traditional players. >> who are the cutting edge companies? you mentioned oracle certainly but who are some of the cutting edge companies that you see out there right now who really have a leg up in expenditures on a high-percentage basis to the third platform? >> well, there's no question. i talked about ibm and hp and those guys as if they're just the old school. these companies are also watching major efforts to be third platform leaders. so certainly you have to include them. microsoft is investing an enormous amount to build their cloud. anyone who turns on a television knows they're spending a fortune on launching the surface. raising their chances of success in mobile tablets and mobile platforms. in the nontraditional i.t. plac
. we just saw the ceo and chairman of ibm go in to the white house. i had a chance to ask her what she was expecting. she said she hopes to have a good meeting which is what you say just before you go in to have a meeting with the president of the united states, you don't tip your hand. the question from the white house's perspective is what will they hear from these ceos. ibm, ford, dow chemical, when they're all in the room, they have a diverse range of interests. are they going to advocate for their sort of parochial in-house interests? or are they going to come to the white house with a united message and talk more about a big picture scenario. the white house is going to be attuned to whether these ceos can leave behind their parochial interests. >> i'm sorry to jump in, what's also remarkable about the list is not who's here, it's who's not here. you talked about it at the top of the show. there are zero wall street ceos here. is it because some now move their support to romney? is it because the friction of regulations? who knows. either way, there's no jamie dimon here, there's
if you look at ibm, the ibm story is clearly in tact. the most diversified tech story there is, outperforming the market today. i think there is opportunity in the tech space, unless you believe this is '08 all over again. >> all right. coming up on the half, one home improvement company spiking to its highest level in more than a decade. but is there still more room to the upside. >>> plus, ron johnson and now her shing square's big ackman have made their cases for jcpenney, but should you buying this start-up story? more "halftime" is straight ahead. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. >>> welcome back to "halftime." let's get a
among them general electric, ford and ibm. they'll discuss ways to work together and try to find a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. during a closed door meeting yesterday with union leaders and liberal supporters, president obama reportedly vowed that he would "not budge" when it comes to letting the bush tax cuts expire for the country's highest earners. labor leader and president of the afl-cio was among those at the white house meeting and says he and the president are right now on the same page, richard trumka. >> we're working to make sure we're not paying a tab for a party we didn't go to. the president led with the notion of protecting the middle class and now you have republicans that have it in their power and could sign a bill tomorrow that protects the middle class so we'll see what they can. are we going to push them on that? without a doubt we're going to push on them. are we going to collectively stand up and make sure that workers get a fair shake in all of this? absolutely, we are. do we believe that the president is committed to that same thing? absolut
-hunt. >> we were up 83 yesterday on home depot and ibm and it all got lost in the afternoon because of concerns like these. >> i know. >> our apologies if you don't watch "homeland." >> "saturday night live," which is our own network, made it clear there were people that were upset because they couldn't get "homeland." >> meantime, shares of cisco up sharply in premarket. the networking equipment company reported better than expected fiscal first quarter profits of 48 cents. cisco attributing results to higher revenue from services and in the words of chambers, guys, too early to call a trend in u.s. enterprise but we're continuing to like what we see. >> wasn't that something? five firms downgraded or cut estimates or believed that he would lower his outlook. he didn't. he took -- he basically said we're crushing hewlett pack we're crushing juniper. we can say circuits weren't good. this was a bullish call. >> he's been right on macro stuff. more than he's been wrong. >> i respect this call. i thought it was very thorough. he did a great job on this call and critical. >> i heard th
.e.o.s are meeting with the president at the white house today, the c.e.o.s from companies like ibm and xerox and general electric. how much sway do you think these c.e.o.s have over the president? >> if he is smart, he'll listen to them. but that is not the constituenconstituency will eled him. the coalition that elected him supports his hard line on taxes as a percentage of the total package, and he has an obligation -- incidentally, i think an ideological belief that he has to go that way, and that's -- i think that raises the odds of a difficult -- a very difficult period here politically. and while he loyc listens to them and went through the theatrics of having met with them, i don't think they have a lot of influence. you're only hope is that deep down underneath people understand we have to do a deal, and the sooner the better. >> susie: just a few seconds left, how do you think that this tug-of-war is going to play out in the markets, and there are 47 days until that deadline. the dow is down 5% since the election. what kind of market performance can we expect over these next couple
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